Bobux is the worlds only universal currency. Often confused with robux, bobux area currency that everyone can use, despite popular misconception, the conversion of bobux to the US dollar IS AND ALWAYS WAS 3 dollars for every bobux. bobux is the word for plural and singular bobux, it is always bobux.
guy 1: Hey bro, i just earned one bobux!
guy 2: Wow! Thats 3 dollars man!
by TheletterL December 20, 2020
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A modern way to say "Robux" (Virtual currency from a game called "Roblox") seemingly created by a user on "Roblox" named "Petgod101". It also has appeared that "Bobux" has more worth then "Robux".
Bobux detected *cocks gun* hand it fucking over
by RepostKing October 07, 2020
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It's like robux, but people says "Bobux". And does memes about it.
Meme 1: GUYS I GOT 182827282527373836372619172 BOBUX
Meme 2: -400 Bobux
Meme 3: How to get free bobux
by TheOnlyOneMelvin November 11, 2020
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Synonyms: life, the meaning of life, robux

Noob: pls bobux
linkmon99: no
Noob: *cry*
linkmon99: shut
by OrdinaryBeing November 08, 2020
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A slur for robux.
BOBUX is oftenly used for memes on roblox catagory.
"b o b u x"
Dude I just got 1 million bobux
by March 12, 2021
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