Bobux day is when it rains bobux from the sky it happens every 2 years on January 17th.
today is bobux day so we are going to get lots of bobux for free!
by The Weath3r Man December 16, 2020
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The Bobux God is the god that gives Bobux, Just like the Bobux Man, But he made the Bobux.
The Bobux God started to rise in The CallMeCarson Discord Server.
Scare is the Bobux God, since he gave the first bobux...And he made the first Bobux ever in History
Guy : Oh,Bobux God, Please Give me Bobux.
Bobux God : No Problem Fam, I will give you Bobux.
by JoJoFanIdkCoolGuy March 01, 2021
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the man that will give u bobux and maybe scam u for it...
gayla99playz: i haev no bobux
bobux man! : here have 500 bobux

gayla99playz: yay ty
by amogusrefrence March 17, 2021
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