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The appearance of cohesion in the universe. When things work out easily; or when mistakes really are happy accidents just like Bob Ross says.

Named for Bob Ross, the Joy of Painting genious with a monotonously zen-like voice who could make a happy little tree with one brush stroke (and then make a friend for the happy tree so it wouldn't be lonely.. Awww, Bob!).
The bobrossity of her week had been completely unexpected. She'd run into an old friend she had been missing, she got an unexpected check from the government just when she needed a little extra cash, everytime she turned on the radio she found a good song and she kept finding parking spots everywhere she needed one. She wasn't even caught coming in late to work and her rival had stayed home with the flu for days.

"My vacation was full of bobrossity. I'd make a wrong turn and end up finding a great little restaurant, a fun sports bar or an off-the-beaten path attraction."

Can also be used as an exclamation when one realises that they're riding the bobrossity wave, usually when they're finding something else going right, surprisingly.


Antonym: Murphy's law.
by MtlBrian November 06, 2007
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