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Bobby-Tommy is a term used when referring to the made up names foreign Customer Care reps are forced to use when dealing with American, European, Canadian and any other English speaking nation. Outsourced Customer Care (CC) for short, is mainly outsourced to places like India, China, and the Philippians. Where their native names are not as commonly used elsewhere in the world. So companies give these employees Bobby-Tommy's. Example: A name of Yashodhara Abhay would be given an Americanized name of Bobby Smith. This trick is suppose to help the customer feel like they are not dealing with outsourced labor, but it rarely, if ever works.

Well I left my wireless carrier today. I was stuck on hold for an hour and ended up speaking with yet another Bobby-Tommy. I couldn't understand a word they were saying, but they somehow managed to mess up my account again. Do these companies really think giving a name Jennifer Warner to someone that could barely speak English would fool me into thinking I was speaking to an American?
by the2ndflood July 11, 2008
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