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When you are sent to scoop chunks out of a porta potty
My boss is such an asshole he had me bobbing for crapples again today
by Seanito69 July 24, 2018
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This fun event takes place when your partner is experiencing Sleep Crapnea (See Sleep Crapnea). You must stick your head into their mouth and carefully remove the crapples with your teeth. You must be discreet, as you do not want your partner to wake and discover the whorrendous mess you have left them in.

Side Note: If you would like to continue the fun, after you bob one of the crapples from your partnerโ€™s mouth, you can gently lay it on his or her chest and perform a good olโ€™ Cleveland Steamer.
Tyrant: My dude, you coming to the bar tonight with us?

Big Easy: Nah my dawg, I went bobbing for crapples last night. My wife was choking from the logs I dropped in her mouth so I had to bob them out. Got a little greedy and went for a Cleveland streamer and she woke up steaming. Told her I was sleepwalking again and thought I was waxing my car. Needless to say she kicked me out this time.
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by Stoney69 June 19, 2019
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