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a girl that is cute,funny and sexy, she usually has blonde hair, she usually has alot of freinds, and the best girlfreind ever :)
Guy 1:i saw dave with his girlfreind shes a real bobbiesue Guy 2: wow i wish my girlfreind was a bobbiesue
by Just1juggalo December 06, 2010
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a woman who will ride or die for her lover. Usually a swift and cunning thief, who specializes in taking money and fleeing.

Immortalized in the Steve Miller Band's song Take the Money and Run
V: Why'd you take the money?
B: We need it, all we ever do is sit around the house, get high and watch the tube...
V: God, your such a Bobbie Sue.
by Brittney Sade January 05, 2009
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