The very talented and sexy drummer of My Chemical Romance. Replaced Matt Pellissier in 2001 and was once a drum tech for The Used. Born on new years eve 1979 in Chicago, Illinois has blond hair, pale skin, and baby blue eyes. He is also known as the joker of the band and is said to prefer cats to dogs. He also has a few piercings, such as his lip, lobes, and possibly his eyebrow. As well, he seems to have lost some weight after starting in the band.
MCRposergirl: OMG like i love MCR!! Gerard is soo hawwwt!!
Me: Yea i love MCR too, especially Bob Bryar!
MCRposergirl: Whos BOB??!???!!
ME: Bob...the drummer
MCRposergirl: OH!!...is he related to Gerard? Cus then if he is i bet he'd be really HAWT! NOW I LOVE BOB!
ME: no!...you loser
by -corey January 12, 2006
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The wonderful drummer of My Chemical Romance.
He was the sound man of The Used, but he joined MCR after Matt Pellisier left.
He is sooo cute and very talented.
Bob is my bitch.
Bob is the best.
Bob rocks with his chekered shoes.
by SaBBb June 02, 2005
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The drummer of My Chemical Romance. Good drummer, not the best, but he does have a great sound. Not to be confused with Bob Hardy, the bassist from Franz Ferdinand, because the two look alike.
If Bob Bryar and Bob Hardy are twins separated at birth, then Bryar must be the evil and much more successful twin.
by Drakanaa September 23, 2007
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The most handsome guy in.. ever!!
In the band My Chemical Romance, so he fits in well, because they are all really pretty guys.
Bob comes from Chicago, and he likes slippers says they turn him on
you can also call him 'the thing' or 'steve'
but dont, because Bob is an awesome name.
oh and he likes things with capes.. or things that will kill you..
Boy: OMFG its Bob Bryar!! he's so majorly gourgeous
*boy pulls out camera and tries to take photo*

Bob: go away *punches camera out of hand*
by BobLover May 16, 2007
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The greatest drummer since... well ever. Drums for My Chemical Romance, the best rock (not emo!!) band in the friggin world. Doesn't like cameras.
Neckless Johnson: So, Bob, how did you acheive nationwide fame?
Bob Bryar: Turn off the CAMERA!! *Throws pen*
Neckless Johnson: *decapitated*
by *::Hotel Bella Muerte::* May 11, 2006
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