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used to replace any action, name, or describing word
You are such a stupid boapher!!! You're the boaphiest person I've ever met!
You're boaphing up the wrong tree,
What the boaph!?!?!? (WTB?!?!?)
by Kristin November 13, 2003
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Same as kristin said!! to replace any actions, or words, or as to use as a curse word!; if u are surprised use the word waboaph!
your such a boaphing boapher! your mother-boapher! Your boaphing up the wrong tree mister!! boaph off!! boaph you! that's so boaphy! WABOAPH!!!! Kristin is such a boapher! (lol! jk kristin!! )
by Kristina December 19, 2003
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