The Russian military strategy (popularized by Vladimir Putin) of sending in a first wave of soldiers without telling them where they are going or what they are doing, leading to a lack of organization and embarrassing failures.

A play on the word "Blitzkrieg" (from Blitz 'lightning' + Krieg 'war')—a military doctrine of conducting fast, concentrated assaults; and "Blyat" (cyrillic: блять)—a Russian expletive used in a similar manner to "fuck" or "shit".
Ukrainian Soldier 1: "Did you hear about what happened this morning?"
Ukrainian Soldier 2: "No, what happened?"
Ukrainian Soldier 1: "A Russian convoy ran out of fuel after getting lost. We captured three T-72 tanks, 6 BTR-3's, and several fuel trucks."
Ukrainian Soldier 2: "Blyatskrieg at its finest!"
by acsdog March 3, 2022
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