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a blue thing with ropes.. it spins fast with hamsters people inside
He got whooped at blueserver
i am a hamster at blueserver
i experienced death at blueserver
by blueserver October 20, 2007
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A a big diamond shaped merrygoround. Aproximatly 15 feet tall, and 15 feet in diameter. The blueservers is spun on a pole which is located in the middle of it. Hamsters (people running in circles inside blueserver) provide the kenetic energy required to spin the blueserver. A blueserver has ropes, and supports, and is usually a light blue colour. A blueserver offers a variety of games including body dodge, and blueserver bowling. All blueserver games feature the contestant jumping or ducking over another person who is holding onto the outer ring of blueserver. The person holding on usually reaches an angle of 90 degrees, and becomes very hard to dodge. Blueserver results in many injuries.
"He really got whooped bad today at blueserver."
by Toni Bajer October 20, 2007
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A blue inatomate object that was created by Satan himself. One would say himself, "what do people do in this blue thingy"? The answer is: we get owned. A lot of blood is lost to this manly machine and it gives one great stress when you have forgotten to get whooped that weekend. Satan punishes those who are noobs at this by injuring them, therefore everyone should practice this to satisfy Satan. This object is located in the deep south of North America near a cheetah by the name of Ronald. People eat cheetah's but cheetah's eat people so its all good in the hood! Hamsters are required in this Satanic practice since the Blueserver doesn't spin itself.
Stay Alert. Stay safe! @ blueserver
Wow, Mike bit the bullet when Blueserver was pissed off dawg.
by HottieRC November 10, 2007
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