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When you smoke pot, but not quite enough to get high. Similar to blue balls
"Dude, i smoked the rest of my stash last night, but it was mostly seeds so all I got was bluelungs."
by Adelin Deery April 28, 2010
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The physical sensation when one is about to yawn, but is cut short before the yawn is completed. This feeling can be likened to the frustration felt by "blue balls" and is usually followed by a second forced yawn.
Boy #1: *opens mouth wide*

Dammit, I didn't actually yawn.

Boy #2: You better yawn now or you'll have a mean case of blue lungs.
by Tea Oh Em August 24, 2009
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Blue Lung is a condition that affects people who blow lines of adderall. The blue powder gets into their lungs, causing blue, mucusy discharge from the lungs. Often, if blue enough, this discharge is swallowed, in an attempt to reap the benefits of the methy-goodness inside.

Does not affect insufflators of 30-mg tablets, as they are orange.
P1: coughs up blue mucus
P2: "Damn, son, you got a pretty bad cold, huh?"
P1: "Nah man, just got the Blue Lung, see?" shows P2 blue discharge, swallows it
by TapiocaCock February 28, 2009
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