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A BlueDot is someone most likely to be shot or murdered in a city.... due to their sheer stupidity, intoxication, or just plain lack of commonsense of their surroundings. Most likely to happen in larger city's while on vacation/partying in large groups...becoming a BlueDot on the city's map of recent homicides.
Oh man that was a fun bachelor's party!! I thought for sure "Hammy" was going to be a BlueDot.
by DirtybloodyUnderpants September 18, 2017
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A blue dot is a sex offender, often a child molester. The term comes from the way the majority of neighborhood safety websites display sex offenders in your area (active residence = blue dot).
Leo: Yo, fuck is this blue dot shit anyway? Niggas won't shut the fuck up about them fuckin' colors and it's gettin' me mad tight, B.
Omar: Bro, you do not want to go there; that blue dot on the map? That's old-man Mackenzie's houseβ€”he's the pedophile of Fall River. I heard he did some gay shit with one of those big-ass dog dildos.
by Chief Kiev June 24, 2018
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When someone messeges you on kik and you don't open it. You either deleted the convo (without opening it) or just don't open it at all.
I blue dotted Becky because she got boring.
by Axfob February 15, 2015
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A Blue Dot is an extremely hot, underage girl.

It gets it's origin from the California Megan's Law Website that shows Blue Dots on the houses of registered sex offenders.
Hey John! Check out those blue dots over there! They are so blue.
by P3 OC June 14, 2007
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A left-leaning / Democratic ("blue") voter in the midst of a conservative/Republican ("red") state or congressional district. Contrast with Red Dot.
It ain't easy being a Blue Dot in rural Nebraska.
by spokospoko May 11, 2017
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A game to determine who can wet themselves the least.

Players must try to pee just enough to show through what they’re wearing.

The winner is the person with the smallest wet patch.
I’ve just lost at blue dot, I’ll need to buy some new jeans.
by Boyd296 September 04, 2018
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