It means to have sad Christmas, perhaps because you are away from family or alone, or even filled with thoughts of a happier time that brings tears to you eye. Blue is a symbolic color for the emotion sad.
"I'll have a Blue Christmas without you
I'll be so blue just thinking about you" - Elvis Presley in Blue Christmas
by ChrisPunchkill December 22, 2014
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When it rains on Christmas Day. This occurs when the local climate/conditions are not right for snow, which of course would be a "white Christmas".
Nah mate, Down Under we never get a white Christmas because it's summer. We do get a blue Christmas sometimes when it rains, though
by Brickdictionary118 December 25, 2014
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the feeling you get when you don't receive the gift you expected or really wanted
guy 1-hey mark, did you get that ps3 you kept telling your mom to get you?
mark - nope, i got a nintendo wii....
guy 1- got Christmas blue balled
mark - (throws wii out the window)
by mick buchey December 25, 2008
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