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Super-strong cigarettes are difficult to get now, so serious tobacco addicts roll their own for a seriously strong smoke. Any one of these is a blue liner. Standard size with no filter.

The name comes from the navy issue cigarettes that could be got by British navy in port or shore base. They were only available to them and were identified by a thin blue line that ran down the length of the cigarette.

Persons can take one draw from one of these and spend ten minutes coughing their hearts out. But they will be hooked.

A couple draws gives a serious hit and you can therefore put the cigarette out and get another two or three smokes out of it.

People who smoke blue liners think that Marlboro Red, Camel, french or turkish cigarettes have a mild flavor and are low nicotine.

If blue liner smokers are out of tobacco they will grab any old pungent smelling shit from the dark side of the garbage bin and smoke it.
Jack: Got a blue liner? I need a smoke.

BillyBob: Nope, ain't got none, and can't get none. The horse just died so we can't get to the store. Got some full strength Marlboro and Camel tucked away, though.

Jack: Well, shit. Cut off the horse's tail, I'll smoke that.
by gaspard fumer June 01, 2010
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