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ME is a virus. When you install ME, it will show a program called Blue screen of death every two minutes. Windows ME is doing this because it constantly wants to die. To put the poor thing out of its misery, simply upgrade to windows 2000 or higher or format your hard disk. You could also just throw your pc out the window.
"I would like to confess some crimes sir"
"Fine of 50 dollars"
"Fine of 51 dollars"
"Installing windows ME on my friend's computer"
"Fine of- Wait what!"
*He pulls out a gun and shoots the demon. *
by Aora_Studios May 7, 2020
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A program that triggers when you are doing something important. It was implemented back in windows 1.0. It is the annoyance of many but no one can do anything.
(On a video chat) I love yo-AHHH A BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH :(
by Aora_Studios May 7, 2020
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