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When a male suffering from "Blue Balls" satisfies his sexual needs with a smurf action figure, often resulting in blue genital warts, which, when popped, make a small cherp similar to the sound of a robin. It is said that such events happen often in the Pacific Islands on a regular basis, and that the Blue Robin is a sort of sexually transmitted pandemic there. The most notable case of the blue robin would be that of Jeromy Fischer, the original lead singer for british pop band "The Beatles". His case of Blue Robin was infamous, often ruining recording sessions with the rest of the band, and resulting in his expulsion from the band and inevitable death.
Danny Trejo: Man, what's that sound coming out of yo pants! It sounds like you trapped a chupacabra in your cahones!

Mickey Rourke: Chupacabra? Pansy Bastards! I only stick big game in my tightie whiteys.

Danny Trejo: Big game, you say?

Mickey Rourke: Yeah, Like boar, cougers, chinchilla... I had a mountain lion go down on me the other day.

Danny Trejo: Shit dude, it didn't bite it off?

Mickey Rourke: It couldn't if it tried, the pansy bastard. I also popped smurfette's cherry.

Danny Trejo: Big cadrone smurfin the smurfs! You must be suffering from the blue robin!

Mickey Rourke: What?

Danny Trejo: You got the blue warts on your cadrones?

Mickey Rourke: I don't like where this is going.

Danny Trejo: Oh shit! You totally do! You got da blue robbin, you dirty little hoe bag!
by chipthejizzmopper October 30, 2010
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