One of the earliest metal bands, fronted by Dickie Peterson. Known commonly for their cover of "Summertime Blues", which was their biggest hit. The band is named after a band of LSD.
"Man, you got any blue cheer? I need a boost."

"Here you go."

*Hands over Vincebus Eruptum*

"Fuck you."
by ClassicMetalOkay June 24, 2006
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An actual type or brand of LSD. Used widely at Woodstock, there was more than a few types of Acid present, at one batch was quickly identified as chemically dangerous, and warnings issued over the sound system against its use. Other monikers of the era included Purple Haze, Orange Sunshine and Clear Light. Groovy, man. Peace. This type of acid appeared before the advent of the fabulous band of that era with the same name: Blue Cheer. Coincidence? Not a chance.
Right on, we're headed to Yasgar's farm to Woodstock, with 1000's of hits of Blue Cheer. I'll be cruising above ground level, and making money for three days....
by Gojai August 31, 2017
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Slang for LSD, or acid
I just took a tab of blue cheer
I was tripping so hard on blue cheer the other day
by Megan sweet Megan June 29, 2005
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