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When you hook up with a chick for the first time, like right after the ruffies take hold, Dustin Diamond style and you test her anus for stress factors, find her breaking point.
Just as it's getting hot and heavy, jam your arm in her rectum slowly all the way up to the elbow, sans lube, start pulling your arm out slowly while opening your fist like a blooming rose......A Bloomin' Brown Rose. Repeat this manouver until walking is no longer a realistic endeavour.
A: "Whachu know about ass fistin'?"
Prision Inmate: "lots"
A: "Oh yeah? You know a bunch eh?"
Prison Inmate: "Yeah, I do, Not a big deal"
D: "Come on Andy, don't pretend like you've never had a Bloomin' Brown Rose?
A: "You guys are dicks!"
M: "Next time, we eat Wiarton Willy"
by CheeseDumper February 01, 2011
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