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A town with two types of people. Rich people who claim to be poor even though they drive to school in a Porsche, and the people who are the most disgusting trailer trash you have ever wittiness. The town has approx. 2 roads and about 500 people. Somehow, there is a large population of juggalos in this town whos smell strongly pollutes the air.
An example of the school in Bloomfield, NY
you see that kid riding to school in the ferrari?
ya he was right next to the group of juggalos wearing wrangler jeans and an ICP shirts.
by aceace453 November 27, 2011
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A town where everyone pretends to be "country" even though they're not. A place where the school is made up of greasy ass people who don't take showers and call themselves juggalos, whores who get pregnant and have baby daddy drama that they post on facebook and rednecks from generations of inbreeding.
Smells like cowshit we must be in Bloomfield, Ny
by titties33 December 30, 2011
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