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The official Loltyler1 supplement known to completely change the users life. With 175mg of Caffeine in every serving, the drink not only makes your blood rush but improves all other aspects of life. When purchasing the drink the buyer will also receive 2 highly detailed posters of T1, the god himself. The BloodRush product at limited times comes out with mind blowing flavours such as watermelon.

⬇ Bruce Lee used it mate ⬇
For BloodRush go to use discount code ALPHA
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by August 08, 2018
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John: damn fool, have you seen clarissa today?

Andre: Hell yea nigga. She was in that skirt man and i immediately got a bloodrush
by one_blood November 29, 2006
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When u suddenly get a boner
Oh dude, you see that girl over there? She's givin me a blood rush!
by Trollforthebant324 May 09, 2017
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