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1. A widely used alternative to the words "LINDSAY LOHAN".
2. A girl (or gay male) who gets around and will sleep with anything that'll spread its legs.

Girl 1: Omg, did you hear what--er, who-- Blohan did on the weekend?

Girl 2: Yes she totally hooked up with Jared Leto over the weekend. Or was it Stavros Niarchos? Wait.. it was totally another one of Paris' exes. Paris Latsis?

Girl 1: Yes she did those all of guys but she also banged Mcfly's drummer! She also had another whack at Wilmer Valderrama! Word is she's also banging random English men.

Girl 2: There's Blohan for ya. Blowing the world one man at a time.
by Meayghyn July 05, 2006
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