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1) A ridiculous and dramatic relationship bordering on insanity. Usually held between admirers who are too immature to understand their true feelings. As both parties do not know how to handle the situation, dramatic bickering and arguing are common occurrences.

2) A dramatic relationship fit for middle school. On Monday two individuals are friends. On Tuesday they are 'together'. On Wednesday they fight. On Thursday they don't talk, and plan to never speak with one another again. On Friday however, they are flirting again. By Monday, the cycle has retarded -- woops, I mean restarted.

3) An interesting bond between two individuals. More than friends, but less than a couple. This complex relationship sporadically changes from 'mortal enemies' to 'best friends' to 'lovers' and then back to 'enemies'. The annoying bond formed between the two parties will remain chaotic until either A) one party truly moves on or B) one party accepts and understands the others' terms. Until that point, the relationship bathed in immaturity will continue to cycle indefinitely.
Alex: "Did you hear? Andrew and Julia are at it again!"
Sabrina: "No way! Haven't they sworn to never speak like eight times already?"
Alex: "Yeah! They're so annoying; they've been been in blogo for years now. They need to get it together!"
by TheSwan5 March 02, 2011
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