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n: blog+novel, however not either at the same time


It was originally coined by a super awesome guy on Monday at 4:51pm on the 28th of September. However, another person decided she found the word very exciting and decided to use it. She was going to be charged for using it since she didn't have the rights, yet the super awesome guy let her slide...twice. By the third time she used the word "blogel", he decided to be really nice and gave her 50% of the rights to the word "blogel" at 11:45pm on Tuesday, the 29th of September. So now it means "when ever ANYONE in the WORLD!!! uses it we get like $5 each". So people of the world, go ahead and Blogel yourself all you want!!
"this isn't a blog or a novel it's a blogel "

"i just typed this massive BLOGEL"

"people that don't like it can go blogel themselves"

"could people handle blogel's though? could they really?"
by Chardid Christrong October 01, 2009
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