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Any 'older woman' who has a blog, and uses it mainly to hit on, flirt with, or come on to other bloggers.

The typical 'Blog Hag' is usually single, divorced, separated, or in an 'open relationship', but may also been 'married and looking', 'married and miserable', "not getting their needs met" in their current irl relationship, or may just be looking to get a self-esteem boost.

The 'Blog Hag' doesn't really care if their male or female target is single, or involved. They will go out of their way to pursue the target, no matter what, and will often say just about anything to their the target's attention.

The Blog Hag is similar to a stalker, but is pitied more because of how needy they are, and how sad their attempts are to get affection, love, and attention.
"I have no idea why that one blog hag keeps leaving comments to my blog entries. She keeps trying to flirt with me, and she knows I'm not interested."
by anonymous April 04, 2005
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