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Verb - To fabricate the illusion that what you are selling is much better than it really is.
Dude, did you see the way he was blofting that shitty basement apartment to seem like a fashionable loft?
by PrimevilKneivel July 05, 2013
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A term invented by a landlord in a feeble attempt to market their basement apartment at a higher rate than its actual value. Usually the first red flag that you are about to be swindled.
"Luxurious one bedroom downtown bloft (lofty basement apartment)."
by bloftisnotarealword July 05, 2013
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1. a formerly unfinished (or demolished) basement of a building, warehouse, factory, or home, made over into a stylish living space but which retains elements of the original space and purpose.

2. any converted or adapted below-grade space that has high enough ceilings and enough natural light that the resident artists or dancers, gallery curator or director and their patrons could possibly forget they're living working or sleeping underground.

3. an awesome and legal basement apartment featuring heated polished concrete floors, glass block walls, exposed rock foundation wall, sunken soaker tub.

1. To create a living space in the basement of one's home that is so expensive and luxurious that you want to go down and live in it yourself, but you can't afford it.


2010; E compound formation basement + loft (n.), See loft
Mmm, I can't wait to show you my bloft!

When you're on holiday, can I please bloft-sit for you?

Hey Jen, isn't it time you had another bloft party?

Ashley, if you ever give up your fantastic bloft, can you please let me know first!

Before I moved into my bloft, I never imagined that such luxury could be found underground!
by delawareness February 20, 2010
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