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A distinctive language originated by Black Americans mostly from the vernacular of the English. Nevertheless, a large numbers of Blinglish words are completely created by Black Americans. Blingish is used in their everyday conversations, rap, hip-hop songs, and comedy. Blingish is also known as Ebonics. This language; however stigmatized, is the English Language given flair and originality by Black Americans. It has become popular in Black communities and adopted and favored by many other races and nationalities. The term "bling", being the root-word of "Blingish", represents the value of the language and how using the language in itself has earned many wealth and popularity despite efforts to condemn the language and falsify its meanings and purpose. Although the Blingish language is mocked by claims of it being unsuitable, it was birth by affectionate communication among a culture of people, and by good fortune turned out to be beneficial.
Even my words turn to gold.
My English transforms to Blingish and I get a million records sold.
See I am the first and the this prophecy transition
I can't be stopped...chosen by the salvation..part of his mission

Examples of Blinglish:
Ya'll got me bent.

She's a trend-tress.

We so fly.
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by Duke Grace January 24, 2016
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