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When a bitch your fucking tries to pinch your hard-on off inside her pussy but fails.

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Similar to when you try to open a freeze pop but cant, your teeth are essentially Blind Shear Ramming the ice pop package. Or when you try to bite a cooked asparagus in half, but never actually break through it.. ever, you are Blind Shear Ramming that asparagus. Not named after an attempted move by the famous wrestler "The Ram" akin to the Ram Slam only Blind Shear Ramming the opponents neck, in an attempt to sever the head. Instead, the penectomy attempt is named after what "The Ram" named his move after... yeah that.
Dee Jay Blind Shear Rammed me last night bro! It was sweet... the shaft is hanging by threads, but it's still shooting ropes!!!
by Spill Communication June 22, 2010
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