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A northern english term used to describe a better decision. It stems back from when a Bradford City football (soccer) game sold out of seats. The commentator joked about how he would use a blimp to see the awesome match continue before his eyes if he did not have a seat. The other commentator laughed and the term soon became frequent in Bradford City chants and other every-day usage.
Cop 1: FUCK! hes getting away

Cop 2: oh dear lord, hes actually lost us!

Cop 1: if only we had been able to us that damned blimp option..

Cop 2: shit i know man.. i know..

Cop 1: next time ey?

Cop 2: yeah..
by The Lockwood March 02, 2009
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A literal example of blue-sky thinking. Choosing an option that is so ridiculous that no one else has thought of it.
Sniper Bob: How are we gonna shoot the hostage-taker when there isn't a tall enough building nearby?

Sniper Joe: Dude, take the blimp option.
by Voot Cruiser March 06, 2010
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