A phrase used in India to show support to the Indian cricket team who generally don a blue uniform.
We bleed blue cuz we had to sit through 12 hours of rain but at the end of the day, India won the Champions trophy after winning the World Cup and that's all that matters.
by vetiarvind June 23, 2013
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to eat, sleep, drink, live and die a University of Kentucky Basketball fan.

a disease that has infected thousands upon thousands of people across the United States, as well as people on other continents.
Greg: Whoa, I never knew Sherry was into basketball that much.
Jay: Dude, Sherry eats, sleeps, drinks, lives and dies UK Basketball, she definitely bleeds blue!
by Btchalorette July 14, 2011
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you are a huge fan of UK sports and just UK in general
"If you don't bleed blue, take your bitch ass home!"

"I love Kentucky's basketball, i bleed blue."
by C-A-T-S CATS CATS CATS December 31, 2011
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