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A drop-dead gorgeous, young, thick, bodacious, sultry and seductive, unparalleled yellow-bone whose origin is from the NOLA area. Truly a stunning and spontaneous sight to see which will leave you paralyzed in a haze of schoolyard butterflies and lustful irrational thoughts. With a flawless, playful, luminous smile and a soft set of sensual luscious lips, this woman will leave you mesmerized. Her eyes are dark but flicker like a flame. Her skin is light and sweet like a cup of coffee, smooth as satin, delicate as silk. Her body is curvaceous, a sweet fine bottle of Parisian wine. She has a busty bosom and a great future behind her *wink*wink*. Her attitude is bitter as dark chocolate but at the same time sweet as caramel. A party animal by night and sleepyhead by day, no matter what time of the day she will leave most dudes stiff. She has an insatiable appetite for the world and thirst for luxury and experience. She dims the brightest of diamonds, jewels, and gems with her presence alone. She will make a man dream and a pimp stumble. Her motives are mysterious almost unknown but her goals are always tangible and driven with a fierce ambition. A woman of miracle and divine contradictions, she is a sinner, she is a saint, she elegantly strides to the beat of her own drum. She is a divine being who leaves the goddesses of the universe with envy and hate over her beauty.

Someone truly special.
Pharaoh: "Good God in heaven and His miraculous divine creation! Who is that woman over there?! Good golly gosh, TTIWDTY!!"
Cousin: "Oh you mean that eye candy trophy girl? That more than fine thing is Blayni."
Pharaoh: " Quick cuz, give me a ring with the biggest rock you can find. Im about to propose."
by PharaohA December 04, 2014
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