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The Blaupunkt brand is a German manufacturer of high-end stereos. The expensive Blaupunkt car stereos became extremely popular in the 1980's. In New York City owners of German-made cars started to put homemade signs in their car windows saying "No Radio", or "No Blaupunkt". This was an attempt to deter theives from smashing a window to access the coveted Blaupunkt car radio.
My new Volkswagen came with a Blaupunkt already installed.
by mhomefront July 11, 2008
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is a combination of sike and punked mixed in with a german accent, the whole point is to say or do something then yell blaupunkt, then the people who say blaupunkt laugh in a high pitched German laugh. This all happens in a german accent.
Hey zere is a seat for ze ride on ze roller coasters come in... blaupunkt sere all filled (insert gay german laugh).
by Zebakenz April 19, 2010
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