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a) When a black person is in the wrong, but can't see why, so thinks they are being picked on simply because of their skin colour.

b) When a black person tries to bring their reputation as an agressor into an argument to try and win.
a) Black woman overtakes a queue of traffic by driving on wrong side of road. Then, is met by a car coming towards her that won't move out the way to let her continue to jump the queue. She can't see why she isn't getting her own way, so presumes she is a victim of racism. A blackument ensues.

b) Black man decides he wants to steal a bike by accusing the white owner of stealing it from him first. He gets in the owners face and intimidates them until they give in and lose their property, or more white people get envolved and the black man runs away.
by ColourBlind March 25, 2012
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