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A community surrounded by state-owned and preserved property in the backwoods of Irvine and Silverado Canyons. Many mysterious and unsolved crimes have happened up in this area, and most say it's haunted by members of racial gangs including the Bloodz, KKK, DBT, etc. Multiple scandals have taken place in theses areas and reception there is most often futile unless you have roaming capabilities on your phone. The reason for this is that nationwide and citywide providers don't have a need to put more telephone lines in that area for lack of business takes place. Blood has often been seen on random clothing items on the sides of roads. It's been said that tourists and young children have been a target of "drive-by" gangs here. Most people know of "Blackstar" because of it's notoriety in the mystery and crime world. Residents say cave mites have been a problem in recent years. Though many only come because of it's reputation, this area really is nice for a getaway drive with it's rough spacial expanses. It's one of the largest open areas in California today. Large crosses can sometimes be seen in daylight on the tops of hills, and at night eerie glows of multi-colored light is visible. They have their own public/private schools, fire station, police station, post office, and markets. Blackstar also provides an RV park for tourism, and multiple day camps for young adults. The community receives much police attention after sundown. The population of Blackstar is known to be just under 42,000 making it one of the smallest cities in Orange County.
"Do you want to take a midnight drive through Blackstar Ranch?"
by David Harper July 26, 2007
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