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A Old School Runescape player who was probably one of the most skilled PK'ers at his level. He was underestimated, under publicized and under reported. He was the single most

"prodigy" in Runescape. He was a "Honorable Pk'er" until turning "No-Honor" in his later days before getting banned from the Runescape Admins during the money hacking sandel although he wasn't a part of it. He was part of ZFE, during ZF's glory days and before he could join ZF, the guild disbanded, he went on to join ZFL, only to leave due to it not being what was needed as in ZF. He played before you knew what "runecrafting" was, hell he played before he knew what it was either. This is my tribute to him.

Long Live Blackmage997!
***At outside mage bank lever***
**Sees a white dot, checks and realizes its Blackmage997**
"Oh SH*T!, lets get out of here!"
*Tele block*
"Aw, Crap.*
***Player Dies to Blackmage997***
by The Runescape Times. September 02, 2009
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