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Someone with frizzy long dark hair that resembles a lions long bushy black mane. Often times have poor hygiene.
*Erin and Mary talking in the hall*
Erin: Hey
Mary: Hiii
Erin: Oh god...
Mary: What?
Erin: Black lion at 12 o clock.
Mary: Oh gosh!
Erin: I know how to get rid of her.
Mary: How?
Erin: *pulls out hairbrush*
by theblacklionhunter123 September 25, 2011
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Every thing. It is use as a response to everything when in Army Basic Training at Fort JackSon, SC.

Also the mascot of 2/28 BCT company in Fort Jackson, SC.
Drill SGT: "...Blah blah blah. Do you under stand private??"

Private: "Black lions Drill SGT!"

by Lemarcus September 25, 2006
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