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The original meaning was a person with African American and Native American admixture, but the term also applied to freed African Americans that lived with Native Americans that were not mixed.

It's unclear how many people whom are considered African American also have Native American heritage but it is clear that most African American do have Native American ancestry as studies continue to be done by historians and geneticists.
I'm also part Native American. So some people call me black indian and other just call me mixed.
by mc of prayer August 17, 2009
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1. Any person of mixed African and Indian heritage. This term can be used to describe a person of mixed African and East Indian heritage, but is most often used to describe a person of mixed African and North or South American Indian hertiage.

2. An Afro - Indian.

3. Any African American with known Native American ancestry.
Sarah Tall Chief is a Black Indian. Her grandfather was a Navajo and her grandmother was black.
by VeNaCE November 09, 2006
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Fake "tribe" started by one Jerry Eaglefeather, an "Apache" from New York. Refer to real Indians as "casino Indians".
"Can you believe those blackindians? It was bad enough when all the wannabes were white."
by Xyzzy February 09, 2005
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