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The opposite of PS3 Fanboy. A Bizarro PS3 Fanboy is ugly, stupid and more angrier to 360 and Wii Fanboys. And a Bizzaro PS3 Fanboy is also part of the Final Fantasy VII Fanboy family that won't shut up about how the game pwns everybody and everything in the entire gaming world with just FF7 characters like a fat nerdy rabid FF7 Fanboy.
360 Fanboy: "You know what's worse than a regular PS3 Fanboy?"

PS3 Fanboy: "Yeah yeah I know! A bizarro PS3 fanboy! They're a disgrace to us PS3 fanboys and a lot worse than you 360 fanboys!"

Wii Fanboy: "Not to mention they're also a disgrace as Final Fantasy fans. It's like FF7 is their boyfriends."

PS3 Fanboy: "Shut up you Gamecube graphic loving Wii fanboy."
by Lucas_JWF January 02, 2009
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