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Bitchpush has two different types. "Type one" is pushing a person to see what the outcome will be. "Type two" involves pushing a person into another person to see the reaction, and requires 3 people. In this situation, the first person is the "Cause" and the second is the "Effect". The last person, who is intended to receive the mass amount of damage, is the "Victim". Type two is most often done when the Victim has their back facing the Effect, therefore the Victim will not have any idea of what is going on. Initial setup is very crucial for Type two, because you ultimately want the Victim to be unaware of whats going on. Sometimes the Cause yells a term similar to "wide around back" to the Effect during setup, directing the Effect to walk in a wide path around the Victim so that the Victim cannot see the Cause or Effect in their field of vision. Bitchpush is lots of fun in any hallway, corridor, or open space.

Here's a text diagram of Type two Bitchpush so you can picture it better. The symbol ">" represents a push.

Cause > Effect > Victim

"Type one"
Joe: If you don't stop being so annoying I'm going to Bitchpush you at recess today.
Tom: Okay, just don't Bitchpush me into the lockers like last time! That hurt!

"Type two"
Joe: Dude, I'm so going to Bitchpush Sam in the hallway at passing time today, I can't wait to see his reaction.

Tom: I know right, you be the Cause I'll be the Effect.

Joe: Alright that sounds good, and of course Sam will be the victim.
by octopus2007 October 13, 2010
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