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- One who is the pie of a bitch.
- Bob.
- Someone who is stupid or someone elses bitch.
- One who has moronicly stated the obvious.
- "Dude, you are being such a bitchpie!"
- " bitchpie."
by Arron March 24, 2004
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(Noun) Description of a female's poor and condescending general attitude or demeanor to another. In reference to the ingredients of a metaphorical pie, that is filled primarily with bitch.

See also bitch
Friend 1- Dude I just got off the phone with Janine and she was acting crazy!

Friend 2- Sounds like she had too many pieces of Bitch Pie for dinner
by TourDeMatt January 25, 2010
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Bitchpie, Someone stealing your limelight or an idea of yours.


A derogattory word for performing oral sex on a female
"Thats my joke, bitchpie!"

"Bitchpie is my word, damn Bitchpie faggot"

"Yumm taste that bitchpie"
by Herowyn August 02, 2005
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