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From the ancient art of bitchorcising, this must be handled by a fully trained bitchorcist, you know someone has been possessed by a bitch on one day every month when blood comes out of it's second asshole. 4 known methods from ancient scriptures include forcing it out of the host, in modern days this is known as bitch slapping, another way is cutting it from its shackles, nowadays known as rituals, not to be confused with murder. Another way is putting a cleansing rod inside of the second asshole, all know male bitchorcists have them, it has to be put in deep and fast repeatedly with chance of bitchspawn coming out 9 months later. The final way is feeding it the blood of the bitch, this is from draining the second asshole of its blood and refeeding, not to be mixed up with illegal torture porn.
Adam said we should eat the fruit, eve said no which lead Adam to believe she had been possessed by a bitch, so came the first bitchorcism
by Jewish healthcare November 21, 2016
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