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A ragingly mean and wrathful woman. Cruel and heartless, with a hunger for pain and tears and not a sliver of a regard in the world for anyone else's lives. Colder than liquid helium. Warning: Do not cross. Vengeful beyond imagination, and vengeance may be applied if bitchina feels it has been wronged even if that is not necessarily so. May be mistaken in its earlier pupal stages for a human.
I can't believe you just kicked the baby you f'ing bitchina!
by justwantedlove February 04, 2010
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A bitch's vagina. One of the dirtiest words you can say. Invented by some UC Davis girls in Precalculus. Use it wisely, use it well.
"Why don't you go shove it up your bitchina!!"
by KatandGaby October 23, 2006
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