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Bitch duck is a cartoon character Peter Griffin from the television program Family Guy created for his show "Handiquacks". She likes to have no fun, and ruins others fun.
That girl is always ruining our fun, what a bitchduck.
by elliethebitchduck July 11, 2010
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The 'Bitch Duck' is a particular member of a group of close friends who are usually bros. The BD is needy, depressing, annoying, spiteful, grouchy, and most likely smells of cigarettes.

All the characteristics of a 'Bitch Duck' are related to the definition of a typical Bitch, but a BD only lives for attention. Some behaviors exhibited by the BD are crying about nothing, being flaky, trying to fit in to much, overreacting, paranoia, and last but not least... Getting shut down by members of the opposite sex.

The Bitch Duck originated from the popular show Family Guy in the episode Fox-y Lady.
Bro #1- Dude, Ben is so god damn annoying when all he talks about is his ex and crying.

Bro #2- What is his fucking deal? That ended like two years ago!
Bro #3 Yeah man, the dude is a total Bitch Duck. Lets go get drunk and fuck some hot sluts.
Bro #1 and Bro #2- Fuck yeah Bro!
by The_Tripod_4ever March 16, 2011
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