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(pronounced bitch-us-itis)

A disease to which any human of the female gender may fall victim; an inflamed bitch in the vernacular.

Symptoms are akin to those displayed by the common bitch, only aggravated. Causes vary and can be unfathomable.

The victim of bitchasitis will inevitably cause atrocious pain to those in her surroundings and should thus be promptly removed as the ailment can usually not be alleviated - though some may delude themselves in thinking it can.
This procedure is known as bitchatectomy. It is fairly simple once one has made up their mind to proceed with it. Verbal action should suffice and the use of implements, surgical or others, is not advised.

There exist both acute and chronic forms of bitchasitis.
One should be particularly wary of bitchasitis present in a dormant state, as dealing with a hitherto seemingly healthy specimen whose ailment suddenly breaks out of its dormant state can be a harrowing task.
Mark: -Debbie just hang up on me again after ranting nonstop for fifteen minutes about how I should have called earlier.

John: -Hmm, I'm afraid the signs point to a clear case of bitchasitis.

Mark: -If that's the case I'd better face it, at least I know what to do.

John: - Yup, looks like a bitchatectomy is your only salvation.
by Uncle Karb September 14, 2010
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