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A slang turm used for the word pussy its also in the new song by bloodhound gang.
Erlier I bought a hore her bitch wrinkle was fucked up.
by Frogspawn August 02, 2005
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Your Clacker / A part of the female anatomy

(Vagina / Clacker)
Woah! Check out her bitchwrinkle, it's well nasty
by Mogin November 05, 2007
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bitch wrinkle
1. noun: the wrinkles found on older women usually in the center of the lips on both top and bottom formed by pursing the lips together tightly, as forming a bitchy face.

2. adjective: a slang term most often associated with young, snobbish gay men, and older bitchy women
1. Wow, what a wretched old hag- look at the bitch wrinkles on her face when she gets pissed off!

2. Shut up, bitch wrinkle- you are SO not all that.
by Dan July 22, 2004
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