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The recent observance over time of the changing definition/usage of the term "bitch". Specifically, Bitch Theory describes the change from the word bitch being derogatory, to it being a term for coolness, much like the change in the definition/usage of "nigga" in recent times.


1. Females use the term bitch to demonstrate coolness amongst themselves.

2. If a male calls a female a bitch it is seen as unacceptable or derogatory by females and males.

3. A less direct term females use in place of bitch is "bitty(s)" or "bittie(s)".

The Bitch Theory is basically a new double-standard.
Bitch Theory in action:

Example 1: Female: "I'm a hot bitch! :)"

Example 2: Female to Females: "C'mon bitches, let's go clubbbin' ! "

Females: "YEAA BITCHES! <3"

Example 3: Male to Female: "Your a hot bitch! :)"

Female to Male: "Watch the language bud."
by Eruvadhron_LOE December 08, 2010
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The theory that bitch can be added to the end of any English sentence and always make sense.
Examples of bitch theory:

1. Hey, bitch!
2. What's up, bitch?
3. Suck my dick, bitch!
4. Wanna see a movie with me, bitch?
5. I got fired from my job, bitch.
6. You're a bitch.
7. I downloaded the newest iTunes update, it's a bitch.
8. Bitch!
by BJShow February 16, 2009
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