Probably the best phrase to describe an insane maniac.
"Damn, that dude over there ate rotten cheese. Bitch be crazy!"
by Kleptosporia March 20, 2010
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Not so much a blunt statement as it is a motto in life. This simple yet profound observation states what we all think about bitches and their ways and sums up into simple terms the craziness that they be.

Not all women are bitches, and not even all bitches are women, but the bitches that be are, in fact, crazy.

The correct reply upon hearing this is to echo it back in confirmation.
guy1: Last week my ex scratched a giant cock onto the side of my car, and just today I got a text from her asking me to take her back.... the fuck?!?

guy2: Dude, bitches be crazy.

guy1: Bitches be crazy.
by P1k4 July 22, 2011
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Someone once told me the words that I now live my life by, "Bitches be crazy". It is pretty self explanatory. Every single girl is the spawn of satan and therefore has some sort of screw loose in thier noggins which makes bitches crazy. Thats why you can't understand them as a guy, cause they're not real people
Matt: Dude my girlfriend sucks a lot, and not the good kind
Sean: Bitches be crazy, lets go get buffalo chicken wraps
Matt: Wow....... You changed my life forever.
by bitchesbecrazy March 24, 2008
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1. Not a rude utterance, or misogynistic remark, merely a statement of fact, alluding to the widely accepted and scientifically proven postulate that states women are crazy
2. Usually muttered in the company of women, which creates a hostile response bordering on insanity, thereby proving the theory
Jamie: "I LOVE Glee!"
Matt: "Bitches be crazy..."
Jamie: "What!? Fuck you! I'll cut you you son of a bitch!"
Matt: "Thank you for proving my point."
by bdizzy13 October 02, 2011
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One of the only phrases a man can say to comfort himself after a woman does something irrational, ignorant, or insane. It is used to laugh away the confusion a "bitch" inflicts upon a perfectly sane man.
Marcus: "Taylor is driving me crazy man! She doesn't make any sense."
Jordan: "Well, you know how it goes man..."
Marcus: "Yeah, bro..."
Jordan: "Bitches be crazy."
by Lord of the Disco February 18, 2011
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The condition which all women suffer from. Which is being crazy because are bitches are crazy.

This is why women are illogical, because they are crazy.
Dangerous Dave: Yo dude, why did that chick yell about the TV?

Me: Because man, Bitches be Crazy
by The Man o awesomeness December 15, 2010
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behavior which includes excessive rediculousness, often screaming and lip pursing is involved, anger without prompting and often chick fight will ensue
While observing the prelude to a chick fight:

Marty: What's wrong with Sarah?
Chris: She went bitch ass crazy!
by ebony430 February 03, 2010
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