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Bit of an issue
Fred: Oh, guys, my locker wont open.
Louise: Mate! That is a bissue!
Fred: It's not a bissue... It's a real issue!
by Ne/\/\O January 18, 2010
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A bissue is a beer in place of a tissue in the event where normally a tissue would be handed to someone to calm their nerves.
Guy1: *sob* My girlfriend just broke up with me
Guy2: Here, have a bissue for that issue.
by rayfee September 09, 2009
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"You've got bissues" is a phrase deemed in 2007 to describe a "bitch" with issues.
"You've got bissues"
by phr0g November 20, 2007
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1. Bissue, is a portmanteau of Big and Issue. Pertaining to the Big Issue vendors, they're collectively known as 'Bissues'.

2. Spoken when a bissue vendor is asking passers-by whether they would like to purchase a copy of the Big Issue.
1. I was in town today, and there was a bissue on the corner near the bank.

2. "Bissue, love?" (When asking a woman if she would like to buy a Big Issue.
by King Bish March 23, 2008
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1. (n) a bitch with issues. can be applied to both males, females and anything else in between.

1a. one allergic to bissue's typically catch a sudden reaction when encountered

1b. sudden reaction can also become violent till tha broad excuses herself
1. in the club satudray night, i approached her with plenty confidence, tapped her on the shoulder, spit out a few lines, then asked, "so whats your name..." only to hear her response back with "...why would i give you my name? I DON'T EVEN KNOW YOU!" brush the dirt off ya shoulda and walk away, playa.. it's plain to see.. she's a bissue.

playa: yo dawg who's that broad standin' next to you yappin' out tha mouth bout you bein' da baby daddy of all 4 of them kidz?
mack: you mean..::lookin over his shoulder at the broad::..this thing? yo she a.. a.. a.. ::sneezing:: BISSUE.

tanya: playa i need you to do me a favor :-D
playa: *sneezing* B-IIIIISSSUE
tanya: im so sorry bout.. :-)
playa: *sneezing* B-IIIIISSSUE
tanya: see what had happened was... :-)
playa: *sneezing* B-IIIIISSSUE
tanya: playa listen to me! :-\
playa: *sneezing* B-IIIIISSSUE
tanya: fine i don't like yo azz no way.. :-(
playa: *sneezing* B-IIIIISSSUE
::tanya excuses herself while sobbin to her other bissue friends:: :'(
by xeus January 30, 2005
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