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nicknames for O'Connell are Hoeconnell, DJHoe, and Slowconnell. It's a Catholic school but the girls are sluts and the guys are lax bros. Everyone parties and there are drugs galore. Girls were spotted snorting cocaine in a math class while guys dipped in the back of the classroom. Under the stairs by the gym, there have been countless hookups and quickies. THe uniforms get sluttier and sluttier every year and the students do their best to live up to the stereotype of catholic students partying constantly. Also, O'Connell is better than PVI because PVI kids are O'Connell rejects.
Bishop O'Connell guy- Waddup breh
other oconnell guy- i'm tryna get blackout sahnnnn
by the hoeconnell slut March 18, 2013
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