A very successful man, who will turn out one of the best and influential people in the world, he will have a very bright future, he is talented and he has very good grades, he has a very bright future especially in sports
by baurfnrn May 27, 2009
Bisher is a sexy young guy , who had a huge glow up and he’s getting most of the girls in town , he’s passionate successful and self focused guy and he’s the funniest guy
Man I wish I was a Bisher
by Beshbosh November 21, 2021
In sales - The relentless pounding of a prospect, often using catch phrases, until they buy a product or service.
I am going to be bishering the shit out of that guy until he hands over his credit card details or hangs up the phone.

this guy is such a weak dog.. he needs to buy or die... he needs a solid bishering
by busterMcbuster October 13, 2016