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Someone who believes that all types of biryani is amazing. Sleeps, eats and showers in biryani. Brown rice and white rice ain't got nothing on biryani. The masala of Asian life tingles on your tounge when you first taste it. This dish is the untold reason of why India and Pakistan first split. Pakistanis didn't want elachis but the Indians felt the elachis were the key ingredient to complete the fine dish. Till this day after the separation the biryani and the elachi have been at war.

Biryani at its finest without the elachi is supreme. As any Biryanimuncher would know. Biryani without elachi is life. Biryanimuncher is brilliant in every aspect and character. Biryani muncher kids would be born into a world of extraordinary parents and they would continue the Biryanimuncher legacy their proud parents have bestowed onto them. This title is at its rarity as only a few handful know the true meaning of being a Biryanimuncher.

The original Biryanimuncher however cannot be overhauled. Sources have confirmed that the origin was of beauty, grace and compassion. From ancient times, thousands of years ago there was a warrior princess who filled with elegance and poise whom founded the Biryanimuncher title and till this day the name lives on through the hearts of all Biryanimunchers.
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's Biryanimuncher!
by Biryanimuncher August 18, 2016
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